Mission Statement


About ChestCare

ChestCare is an organisation, which aims to provide excellent pulmonary care by listening to patients’ concerns and practising evidenced-based medicine in collaboration with patients, families, GPs and allied health care professionals.

ChestCare professionals are committed to providing ongoing professional education for staff, thereby empowering them to provide state-of-the-art care in a friendly and professional manner.

Most patients appreciate a high level of understanding of their medical conditions and to this end ChestCare’s medical professionals will provide adequate health education, so that patients can be decision-making partners in their own health and treatment choices.

Our Aim

Our aim is to provide the best possible medical advice, providing sufficient information for patients and their families so that they are able to make informed decisions, especially as it relates to complex medical situations.

We strive to comprehensively evaluate medical problems and to provide support by understanding and implementing the appropriate therapies.

The best possible advice to make informed decisions

Our Commitment

We are committed to carefully utilising selected advanced technologies and problem-solving strategies until all possible, appropriate solutions have been thoroughly investigated, discussed and implemented.

After a consultation at ChestCare, it is important that patients understand their health status and have a comprehensive understanding of the therapeutic options available in managing their medical conditions.