Preparation for a Sleep Study

A sleep study is used to a monitor breathing and sleep, and how these two processes interact: Sleep causes breathing to change as body requirements lessen. Commonly, the breathing level will become too low at times and this affects the quality of sleep. If this happens too often, sleep may not be adequate and as the disorder worsens other bodily processes can be seriously affected.

ChestCare provides a personalised sleep study, which is conducted in your own home. It is undertaken to provide a comprehensive assessment of sleep, breathing and movements while in the familiar surroundings of your own home. If you have commenced therapy, it may be undertaken to assess the efficacy of treatment

Monitoring equipment will be fitted during the early evening in your home allowing you to go to bed and get up at your usual time

Notes and set-up preparation

Set-up takes 45 minutes and following the set-up you will be able to move within, but not outside the home, as usual

Any usual washing you carry out prior to going to bed will need to be completed by the time of your set-up appointment, it will not be possible to shower or wash after the set up

Remove any make-up and any creams or moisturisers etc from your face and head

Two sensors will be applied above the point of the chin, for men it is necessary to have this area closely-shaven. If a beard exists an alternative area under the point of the chin can be used but this too needs to be free of any stubble

Eating becomes a little awkward following the set-up so aim to have your evening meal prior to the set-up

The little and adjacent fingers of the left hand need to be free of any varnish or acrylic nails with nails trimmed

Be wearing your sleepwear for your appointment; pyjama top or T-shirt are suitable, do not use clothing with narrow shoulder straps

Keep yourself cool prior to your sleep study by avoiding strenuous activity, hot showers, direct sunlight etc.

When the set-up is complete, additional clothing (eg dressing gown) may be placed on top of the equipment until going to bed

The equipment will be removed the following morning after your usual wake-up time or alternative arrangements decided upon when the equipment is being set up


Individual needs vary, if you have any questions about any part of the study process please send an SMS for a call back or if you do not use a mobile phone, call Sean on 0402 901 935