How do I make an appointment?

  • See your GP and if he/she believes you require a pulmonary specialist consultation you will be provided with a referral
  • The referral can be faxed, scanned and emailed or sent by post
  • Once the referral has been sent you can then email a request for an appointment or call 08 7077 3040
  • The referral will be assessed on the urgency of the request for an appointment and you will be contacted with the next available appointment

What do I need to bring to the appointment?

  1. In view of this being a medical appointment, at which you will require a physical examination, please dress appropriately
  2. An up-to-date Medicare Card to assist with claiming your rebate
  3. An up-to-date Concession Card (if appropriate)
  4. Private health insurance details, even though this will not be required for an out-patient visit, private fund details are kept on file should the necessity arise for a procedure or treatment in hospital
  5. Most large radiology firms allow on-line access to your X-rays but please bring any hard copies with you if you have not attended one of the following:
    1. Jones and Partners, Radiology SA, Bensons, Sound or Simon Fowler.
  6. A copy of your referral letter, if this has not already been faxed but rather handed to you to bring
  7. A list of all medications you are taking
  8. A completed patient history form
  9. A credit card or enough money to pay for the consultation and pulmonary function tests if required
Item Number Description Fee Medicare Rebate GAP Pensioner Discount Pensioner Gap
110 Inital $282.30 $132.30 $150.00 $50.00 $100.00
116 Review $151.25 $66.25 $85.00 $30.00 $55.00
132 Management Plan $391.25 $231.25 $160.00 $50.00 $110.00
133 Review - Management Plan $200.85 $115.85 $85.00 $20.00 $65.00
11503 Full Lung Function $214.75 $119.75 $95.00 $30.00 $65.00
11506 Spirometry $47.80 $17.80 $30.00 $10.00 $20.00
11512 Flow/Volume Loop $118.35 $53.35 $65.00 $20.00 $45.00
13839 Blood Gas Test $49.90 $19.90 $30.00 $10.00 $20.00
73802 Haemoglobin $8.90 $3.90 $5.00 $0.00 $5.00

Scroll right to view all fees.

A typical first visit with item numbers 132, 11503 and 73802 would result in an out-of-pocket expense i.e. gap of $260.00 ($220 for pensioners)
The full amount to be paid on the day $614.90 ($534.90 for pensioners)

When the full amount is paid the reception staff will assist you with claiming the Medicare Rebate which is usually paid into your bank account within a day or two

What happens at a consultation?

  • You will be greeted by the reception staff
  • The receptionist will check your details
  • You may have a lung function test prior to the consultation
  • You will then see the doctor and go through all of your medical history, examination and test results
  • You will be directed by the doctor as to the relevant tests, treatments and follow-up of your condition
  • You can then make your follow-up appointment with the receptionist and pay for the consultation, which we expect will be paid in full on the day of the visit
  • A claim will then be sent to Medicare online and the rebate will be deposited into your nominated bank account.
  • The reception staff will assist you with payment and Medicare rebate