Information for New Patients


58 Glen Osmond Road Parkside


On-street parking is available on Glen Osmond Rd (there is no clearway after 10am) and in the surrounding streets.

Consultations are by appointment only


Consultations are by appointment only

To comply with medicare requirements, an up-to-date referral is required in order for patients to be eligible for a medicare rebate as it relates to specialist consultation fees. A standard referral lasts for 12 months from a General Practitioner and 3 months from a Specialist. In order for your appointment to be confirmed a referral letter is required as soon as possible, most usually being sent from your GP

Urgent or emergency visits cannot be facilitated during a clinic but both doctors will assist with your medical needs should you be admitted to a hospital at which they have admitting rights. Should your medical problem be of an urgent/life-threatening nature, you should call an ambulance, visit your local GP or present at the Emergency Dept. of a hospital of your choice


ChestCare’s telephone number is (08) 7077 3040 and it provides access to virtual office staff during business hours for making/changing appointments and leaving messages. This service also allows patients to leave messages out of office hours.
Email is the preferred method of communication to, ChestCare’s Practice Manager, and appointment reminders will be sent via SMS.